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February 12, 2008

Whats New with Bowie?

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Here are some new developments in my artistic life:

My work was featured at the Art’s Incubator gallery in the Crossroads Arts district in Kansas City this month!

School started again, and this semester in addition to senior studio I am also studying plaster mold making with the amazing mold-master George Timock!

I began an internship at Red Star Studios, where in the fall I will hopefully become an artist in residence!

and the final and possibly most exciting development:

This summer I am going to study abroad at the International Ceramics Center in Kecskemet, Hungary!!!
(Thats right, my wife is completely awesome and is allowing me to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity)

Yeah!!! I am very excited about all of these things!


I will be attending a workshop given by John Neely at Kansas State University next weekend! This should be very cool too!

well, I guess thats about all for now, I will post more images soon and also update my resume, artist statement and proposal.

Thanks for your interest and don’t be shy about leaving comments!

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  1. hey bowie! i wrote that letter for you for Red Star – emailed it with attention to Tara. hopefully it will get to her – if not i can print out a hard copy and send it. i asked her to let me know when she gets it…then i’ll let YOU know! best of luck with that – i hope you get it! cx

    Comment by Christa Assad — March 13, 2008 @ 4:57 am

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