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March 16, 2008

New Stuff

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I recently went to a workshop by John Neely, it was phenominal. Highly recommended to anyone!

I just shot some new images of my recent work including the teapot I have been working on in George Timock’s plaster class….very exciting!!!

Other images include some alternately designed cups I made over winter break at Red Star Studios and glaze fired last week at KCAI.

Also works in progress images from series of altered pitchers that I have been working on this semester at KCAI.

Here they are:


This teapot was created using four separate plaster slip casting molds that were themselves created from carved plaster positive objects.


Here are several pitchers with altered rims and handles attached then pulled from the pot. The two pitchers on the right have feet that were thrown and altered separately then attached later. All three pitchers have slab built spouts.


Here is a pitcher that I made earlier this semester. It was glazed with a light undercoat of a high titanium strontium matte glaze with a fake ash applied generously to the back side and then sprayed with a medium coat of Val Cushing’s Taffy glaze. This is one of my favorite glazes, it is quite amazing even by itself, just ask if you would like the recipe. After applying these three glazes, the pitcher was side fired setting on a catcher with wadded shells to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere with soda introduced into the kiln from cone 9 to 10. After the soda introduction phase the kiln was held in a reduction cooling overnight (approx 8 hrs). I do not have a pyrometer to use with this kiln, but in the morning it looked to me to be in the neighborhood of cone 3 to 1. At this point the kiln was shut off and allowed to cool naturally.


This pot was in the same soda firing described above, it was also side fired on wadded shells. This form was created by folding the sides, cutting out a small section of the negative area between the handles and then working the clay back together to close the seam.



These thrown cut and reassembled cups were also in the above described soda firing, as was the following cup.


These three slipcast cups were created from the same mold, pulled from an adjustable heating ventilation elbow. I found this item at home depot and was extremely excited as it enabled me to capture some of the same posture and energy that I so enjoyed in the cut and reconstructed cups shown above. I plan to continue exploring both methods of construction and feel they have much potential.


These are some of the cups with alternate handle designs that I made at Red Star Studios a several months ago. The handles were created in the same method described above with the double-handled vase. The handles for the other cups were created using a sacrificial cylinder thrown only for the purpose of creating the handles which were subsequently cut off and attached to the cup.  You could also think of this method as slab building with cylinders.

Wow! I think this has been my longest post ever.

Please leave me comments if you have any questions, suggestions or if you just wanna say hello =)

Thank you all for your interest!


  1. I really enjoyed reading about your work and your thoughts. I am quite new to serious pots and need to do an artist statement for a display I am involved in this June. thanks…I love your work. NM

    Comment by Nancy Markusen — March 22, 2008 @ 2:14 am

  2. “Here is a pitcher that I made earlier this semester” -that one is Beautiful !! very organic.

    Comment by Helen Smoot — September 3, 2008 @ 2:59 am

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