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April 19, 2008

New Stuff!

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I recently found out that I have been accepted as an Artist in Residence at Red Star Stuidios! I am extremely excited about this opportunity and expect my work to grow immenseley during my time there. Here is a link to Red Star’s site if you want to know more:

Val Cushing was at KCAI recently and he gave several wonderful talks as well as private critiques and a half day workshop. It was amazing to have someone share so much knowledge in such a short period. Thanks Val!

I have been reading Garth Clark’s book Shards, it is quite an amazing book. Every time I pick it up I find learn something wonderful and new about ceramic art. Additionally, Clark is a fantastic writer and a pleasure to read. I highly recommend this book to anyone even vaguely interested in ceramic art.

Soon to come: Glaze library with photos of my results! I have noticed that quite a number of people find this site by searching for cone 10 glazes, etc… I have also noticed the difficulty in finding glaze recipes with accompanying images of the fired glaze. Well very soon you will have access to a small glaze database of the glazes I enjoy using and that I test for possible use. This area of my site will grow with time so be patient and soon I will have lots of good information available.

Here are some images illustrating the pieces I have been working on recently:

These unfired teapots were all created from the same plaster slip molds. Additional pieces from separate molds are used to create the lid, legs, spout and handle which can then be assembled in different configurations making each piece unique. I will post images of the finished glaze fired work as soon as I fire them. =)

These three pieces were recently salt fired and illustrate a new direction in my approach to glazing. At this time I am focusing using simpler glazed surfaces to emphasize the more complex forms.

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