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May 4, 2008

Exciting New Finished Work

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I finally have some images of the finished slipcast teapots I have been working on this semester!

Its always amazing how complex we sometimes make things for ourselves. Several of these pieces have very simple surface treatments that are highly effective.

I am pretty excited about these, let me know what you think!

Red Iron Oxide Rubbed into Texture, Soda Fired

Cedar Heights Fireclay applied as Slip, Soda Fired

Gold Luster Applied over bare clay, Custer Feldspar in gloss areas

Here are several other pieces that I recently fired in KCAI’s soda kiln “Bada Bing”

Soda fired work. The piece on the far right shows a new technique I began using to glaze the entire surface of the pot except small areas where wads are placed. This adds a nice decorative element to the underside of the piece and shows that there is attention being paid to an easily overlooked part of atmospheric firing: creative wad placement.

In soda, salt or wood firing, it is necessary to place your work on small pads of wadding (I use a 1:1mix of EPK and Alumina Hydrate). The reason for this procedure is that various compounds such as ash or sodium flow through the kiln during the firing, landing on your work. If it was not stilted on a sodium resistant material (alumina) the work may fuse to the kiln shelf, causing the foot to be chipped or broken when removing the work.

Well, thats about all I’ve got for right now, I’ll try to take some pictures of my work set up for our final critique on Monday. I will have a little more work that is being salt fired at this very moment!!!

Also, I mixed up a test batch for a clay body given to me by Val Cushing. It is flame ware, meaning that it has no thermal expansion and after firing can withstand direct flame. This means that pieces of this clay can be melted and brazed together without affecting the other areas. I am very excited to explore the properties of this new material!!! Thanks Val!


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