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April 15, 2009

New work in the Studio

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Here are a few of the new forms I have been working on.


These cast vessels were altered by repeatedly dropping them onto a plaster slab.  This technique results in some wonderful folds and cracks while allowing me to retain the detail and crispness of the original lines.


The second piece was covered in a RedArt slip.  After high firing and sandblasting, I plan to overfill the piece with spray insulation that will then be painted to look like some nasty sludge.


I’m pretty excited about the last one.  It is the latest from my geometric vessel series.  Thanks to a wonderful suggestion by Ayumi Horie I have begun to integrate the vessel with the stand.

I am planning to fire sometime in the next several weeks, after which I will post some new images of finished work.  In the meantime I will post some new info and my personal reviews/thoughts from some of the many interesting panels/lectures/conversations that I consumed over the last week at NCECA.

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  1. Hey Bowie. These new images look great. I love that you took them in your studio and that they are unfinished. I am going to copy you!

    Comment by taradawley — June 1, 2009 @ 2:31 pm

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