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September 21, 2009

Beyond the Brickyard

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Here is one of the pieces that I entered into the Archie Bray Foundation’s Beyond the Brickyard Exhibition.

It is titled:   Hevonen

It is cone 10 soda fired procelain, and one of my favorite pieces I have created recently….wait a minute, make that ever….this piece is pretty amazing.

It’s a good thing I was able to enter a piece that I like so much.  This will likely be the toughest show I have ever entered.  The first time I heard of this show was at NCECA early this Spring, so I’m sure there will be tons of amazing work entered that I will be competing with.  Walter McConnell will be the juror.  I expect the show to be nothing short of amazing!

That being said, I will feel really great my work is accepted.

Hevonen A

Soon to come:  A special sneak peak the fantastic piece that I donated to the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art’s annual art auction:  Beyond Bounds  Glow

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  1. Bowie
    Hey-great consistency so far. Study the golden section or golden mean in the next few days before you do anything else,ponder it if you haven’t. Two minor things come to my mind after looking. One, when photographing a piece to be sent to something like the Archie Bray Show, try going with a three quarter view, if you sent one I apologize. Two reasons why; one,diagonals always add drama and two the spacial dynamics and depth is more exciting to anyones eye. Diagonals and curves rule the eye and mind visually for excitement.Rules can be broken it is important to know when to do so.
    Last,that Sam Chung base glaze t-pot contains something unnoticeable to most eyes,it is the subtle illusion of a twist. Look closely at the spout area again,see it. what I am seeing is a missing concept in your work, which should help it soar to new heights. That being the spriraling and twisting of the individual motifs. Additional drama and movement will occur as a result. Be careful because too much technology can stiffen the expressive aspect and human responsiveness of the audience. Still Friends? all this was said to strengthen your works and iconography. but,you are the final judge and creator.

    Comment by Steven Gorman — March 16, 2010 @ 8:05 pm

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