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January 13, 2010

New Geometric Vessel Work

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Yesterday I gave a demo for Annie Chritzenburg for an upcoming issue of Pottery Making Illustrated.  Here is an excellent picture she took of Clarabella and I in front of my display in my Studio at Red Star.

Look how happy Clarabella is!

Somehow I have neglected to post a huge volume of my work!  Ooops!  I had been extremely focused on the development of my sculptural work and somehow forgot to post images from my cast and assembled found object series!

Not to worry though, I now have an extraordinary amount of images to post and discuss!

I demoed the assembly of this jar for the PMI feature.  It was created from cut and assembled castings of a light globe object.  I have been working with this globe for a while and have created many variations using the same form.

One of my favorite alterations on this globe is a simple division of the basic shape.  This cut divides the globe into two bowls.

A flat bottom slab is poured into the small bowl.

Gotta love good flashing slips!  Sometimes the underside of a piece can be the most beautiful part!

The glaze I use for the interior of most of my bowls is called 3-D White.  It responds wonderfully to the geometric concavities of my vessels.

The larger bowl(image coming soon!) has cut and assembled legs applied to its underside.

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