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April 17, 2010

New Website and New Work!

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I recently created a new website!

Please visit for a more professional look.

I was recently selected as an emerging artist by Ceramics Monthly and will be featured in the May 2010 Issue.  There are also several articles written by Annie Chrietzburg for Pottery Making Illustrated that will be coming out soon.  They focus on my cast and assembled sculptures as well as my surface treatment and soda firing.

I have been working hard to put together my Pecha Kucha talk for my last class of Artist Inc on Monday.  I will try ask someone to record the talk and then I will post it.

I recently finished some new work that I am very excited about!  Some of the work is purely sculptural with minimalist surface decoration: raw porcelain fired in oxidation.  I also have some new soda fired vessels that are pretty amazing as well.

This piece was built around the central triaxial configuration.  As the work progresses I build intuitively, responding to the forms and negative spaces being created by the addition of component parts.

Here is a new artist statement written to address these new pieces:

This work focuses on geometric relationships, technology, and composition of space of and around objects.  I like to think of this combination of ideas as a metaphor for the future, through the advance of technology.  The modular units of my sculptures are designed using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software.  Prototypes are fabricated by hand, molded in plaster, and slip cast using porcelain clay.  My sculptures are sometimes constructed directly from CAD sketches but are often built intuitively, focusing on the interaction of individual units within the whole.

These pots feature flashing slips with mason stain additions or simply underglazes.  The two in the middle had their slip/stain sanded off prior to the firing to create the white dots.

Please visit my new site!  I am trying to get it moved up the search rankings so people will find it when they search for me!  I need your help!  Please click:

Thanks for your support and interest in my work!

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