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December 10, 2010

Guldagergaard…part 4 Making Work!

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I am nearly finished at Guldagergaard.  I will definitely miss this place.  It has been an amazing experience.  Here are some images from Copenhagen day trips and of work that I have been making.

This piece is in the design museum in Copenhagen.  It is built of individually adjustable interlocking surfaces.  These forms dampen sounds and look really cool.

This is a design for a pig farm that recycles the stinky pig air into a greenhouse.  The plants love it and they reduce the emissions from the pigs!

This vessel was just a small part of the Kunstindustrie (Arts and Industry) Museum.  I highly recommend this museum if you are ever in Copenhagen.

Here is a great image taken for the Project Network catalog.  These pieces have been bisque fired and will end up going through a wood/soda firing!

This is my other image for the catalog.  The final presentation of this piece is quite different, and very dynamic.  I am quite excited about it….scroll down to see the finished work!

Soda kiln stacked and ready for action…Go!

Jon splitting wood down to the ideal size to fire with.  We fired mostly with small splits of pine, but also used some long scrap planks of ash.  Firing with these two woods in combination proved to be an effective method.

The kiln is hungry!

Fia getting the job done:  “Work Kelly work!’

We fired the kiln for a full 28 1/2 hours….the kiln was firing quite unevenly, at one point the top was ahead by over 4 cones!  Fortunately I knew what to do.  We stalled the kiln for a while and allowed it to drop around 100 degrees celsius.  Then we stabilized it and started to climb again with the damper adjusted to provide more heat to the bottom of the stack.  Eventually we were able to even the kiln to only one cone difference bottom to top…Perfecto!

Here are the results:

I titled this collection of work “…but what lies between?”  The lengthy and expensive firing was completely worth it.  The pieces are some of the most exciting examples of soda fired work I have ever produced.

And just as exciting is the new display method I developed for my “Untitled Sketch” series.

I am very excited about the potential of this display method.  The glass cube is actually open on the front side, creating a very interesting sense of space.

The view from above the cube forces the viewer to examine the work from a new perspective and also provides a wonderful mirrored surface, effectively doubling the size of the object.  The piece itself is actually three separate interlocking units held together only by gravity.  This may sound crazy but the piece really is quite stable.  Tons of potential here!

Coming soon will be the rest of the Project Network show!  I am so excited to have been able to share this experience with so many amazing artists!


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