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Gallery (2007 BFA Show)


Here are some images of work from my BFA exhibition from Kansas State in spring of 2007.

At the bottom of this page you may view my artist statment as it applied to this body of work.

















My main focus in making ceramic art has been accumulating technical skill in wheel throwing. I am continually driven forward by the endless search for the perfect form. I chose to work primarily with vase forms in order to take advantage of the simple elegance that comes from a well crafted vessel. As I progressed with my throwing I began to push myself to make larger and more voluminous forms. To satisfy my formal aesthetic I set these forms atop comparatively small bases, providing lift and effectively making a large form seem even grander in scale.

Working on a larger scale has enabled me to see my bisqued work as blank canvas’ rather than simply pots in need of a coat of glaze. This approach has led me to create surfaces with more depth and movement. My primary goal in decorating my work is to imbue the pieces with a sense of life and energy. I often accomplish this by layering several glazes together. The complexity of surface present in many of my pieces is contrasted and balanced by the simple and pristine surface found on others.

I have begun to satisfy my desire to create quality forms and have hence been inspired to work through a series of more experimental and elaborately constructed work. These pieces represent an embodiment of energy and the growth of my self as an artist.

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  1. Looking for a potter for dinner ware commission. Are you interested?

    Comment by Pan Leung — March 28, 2009 @ 8:01 pm

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