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October 28, 2009

Rhino Sketchs

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I have been working on some new ideas for a new series of work, building on my current geometric teapot explorations.

This image shows a right angle corner module that will be the my basic building block for more complex forms.


Below is a composition shown from 4 different angles created from three copies of the above unit.

rhino sketch

Using CAD software enables me to accurately visualize forms before they ever physically exist.  I plan to sketch with Rhino for a few more weeks, while completing several more teapots for an upcoming firing; after which I will begin production of several different corner modules to explore over the next several years.

Here is an image of yesterday’s sketching.  Again the forms are all created from repeating an original modular component.  I have been enjoying this manner of working a great deal.  It is wonderful to finally blend my interests in technology, drafting and art.  Exploring new work using this method will undoubtedly improve the quality of my next series of slip cast ceramic sculpture.

rhino sketchs10 29

In this sketch I began with a rectangular box and cut it apart along several planes.  Multiple copies of various parts were assembled to create the large form.

sketch 10 5 09

Here is an assemblage of tessellating forms I am beginning to work with.

And one more wall type assemblage.

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